Aims and Scope

Acta Scientiarum Polonorum s. Zootechnica accepts submissions on various areas of animal science, husbandry, animal welfare and production. Exemplary fields include:

  • Genetics of livestock animals
  • Breeding and stock management
  • Animal reproduction and raising
  • Production traits improvement, product quality, quantitative traits analysis
  • Farm management, housing and facilities, farm equipment, animal welfare
  • Nutrition, feed composition, feed optimization and supplementation; feeding toxicology
  • Computing methods in animal science, husbandry, and farm management
  • Veterinary issues, e.g. early disease detection

Original research reports and literature reviews are welcome that deal with any of the wide range of animal species utilized by man for any purpose, especially:

  • Beef and dairy cattle
  • Small ruminants, both domesticated and wild
  • Poultry and ornamental birds
  • Fur animals
  • Horses used for equestrian activities
  • Dogs, horses, cats and other animals used for human therapeutic purposes
  • Pets and laboratory animals

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