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Frequency of consumption of fermented milk drinks and factors influencing consumer choice

Anna Sawa, Joanna Feldheim, Sylwia Krężel-Czopek 

Department of Animal Breeding, UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz, Mazowiecka 28, 85-084 Bydgoszcz, Poland

Abstract. The study, performed in January 2017 on a group of 271 consumers, used data obtained from an anonymous internet survey concerning the consumption frequency of different fermented milk drinks and the criteria which determine consumer purchase decisions. Consumption of fermented milk beverages was declared by 83.8% of the respondents regardless of their socio-demographic status (sex, residence, education, social status). The most frequent consumption was recorded for yoghurt (40% of those surveyed, 3-5 times per week), followed by kefir and buttermilk (less than once a week). Respondent purchase choices were most influenced by product quality, in particular flavour (4.48 pts.) shelf life (4.27 pts.), nutritive value (3.82 pts.) and health-promoting value (3.53 pts). Advertising was of marginal importance (1.94 pts.). When creating new types of fermented milk drinks, it is worth focusing on improving their flavour and making them more attractive while paying attention to product shelf life.

Keywords: fermented milk drinks, decisive factors for purchase


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Sawa, A., Feldheim, J., Krężel-Czopek, S. (2018). Frequency of consumption of fermented milk drinks and factors influencing consumer choice. Acta Sci. Pol. Zootechnica, 17(2), 31–36. DOI:10.21005/asp.2018.17.2.04.

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