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Costs analysis of feed production and fattening of beef cattle on the example of a selected individual farm

Hubert Piszcz, Sławomir Piotrowski, Anna Milczarek  

Institute of Animal Science and Fisheries, Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, B. Prusa 14, 08-110 Siedlce, Poland

Abstract. The paper analyses the costs of production of roughage and nutritive fodder and fattening HF and Limousine crossbreds of feeder cattle. The costs of growing fodder for feeder cattle were calculated per one hectare. The cost of producing one tonne of feed was determined based on the farm’s mean crop yield. The calculation included the cost of maintenance, including the cost of feeding 14 animals over 22 months. The animals were kept untethered in stalls with deep litter from the body weight of 36.86 kg to 812.14 kg on the selling date. The feeder cattle were fed according to the nutritional recommendations, and their feed rations were based on feedstock produced on the farm, except post-extraction meals and the mineral and vitamin mix Dolfos BO. It was demonstrated that the cost of producing one tonne of roughage ranged from PLN 66.98 (maize silage) to PLN 265.98 (hay), while that of grain oscillated from PLN 261.22 (rye) to approximately PLN 371 (oats and wheat). It was found that maize silage generated the highest cost in feeder cattle feeding. This fact should be associated with its largest share in feed rations, which as a result corresponded to nearly 5.5 tonnes per animal. As regards nutritive fodder, the highest cost was generated by nutritive fodder 2, which was also linked to its amount per animal. Throughout the fattening period, each animal consumed more than 10 tonnes of feed and its cost could be estimated at PLN 27,939.53. To sum up, the farm received PLN 1,616.75 of income from breeding one animal.

Keywords: beef cattle, rations, costs


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Received: 12 Feb 2022

Accepted: 28 Mar 2022

Published online: 27 Aug 2022

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Piszcz, H., Piotrowski, S., Milczarek, A., (2022). Costs analysis of feed production and fattening of beef cattle on the example of a selected individual farm. Acta Sci. Pol. Zootechnica, 21(1), 17–28. DOI: 10.21005/asp.2022.21.1.03.