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Performance test results analysis of crossbred gilts produced in the Bydgoszcz Breeding Region

Grażyna Michalska, Jerzy Nowachowicz, Tomasz Bucek, Przemysław Dariusz Wasilewski, Małgorzata Kmiecik

Department of Poultry Breeding and Animal Product Evaluation, Division of Animal Product Evaluation, University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz, ul. Mazowiecka 28, 85-084 Bydgoszcz, Poland

Abstract. The aim of presented paper was to analyse the results of performance test of crossbred gilts of Polish Large White and Polish Landrace breed conducted in years 2009–2013 in the Bydgoszcz Breeding Region. They came from two crossing variants (sows breed at first position): [PLW × PL] and [PL × PLW]. Crossbred gilts [PL × PLW] in all analysed years (except for 2001) had higher daily gain of body weight standardised on 180th day than [PLW × PL] animals. From 2009 till 2013 the growth rate of tested crossbred gilts, i.e. [PLW × PL] and [PL × PLW] increased by 10 and 8 g, respectively. Within the space of 5 tested years (2009–2013) an improvement of breeding value of animals determined as selection index value, which increased by 7 points in [PLW × PL] gilts and by 4 points in [PL × PLW] pigs. This proves the effective improvement of growth and slaughter performance of crossbred gilts came from The Bydgoszcz Breeding Region within the space of years 2009–2013, being maternal component used in breeding and commercial crossing, which should be monitored in following years.

Keywords: crossbred gilts, performance test, growth rate, selection index


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Received: 17 Oct 2016

Accepted: 16 Jan 2017

Published online: 28 Apr 2017

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Michalska, G., Nowachowicz, J., Bucek, T., Wasilewski, P.D., Kmiecik, M., (2017). Performance test results analysis of crossbred gilts produced in the Bydgoszcz Breeding Region. Acta Sci. Pol. Zootechnica, 16(1), 9–16. DOI: 10.21005/asp.2017.16.1.02.