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Time of lying in the horse with regard to its sex and system of management

Anna Stachurska, Natalia Kowalska, Ryszard Kolstrung, Michał Pluta

University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Department of Horse Breeding and Use, Akademicka 13, 20-950 Lublin, Poland

Abstract. The objective of the study was to determine demands for lying in adult horse males and females, as well as in females maintained under various systems. 43 horses were studied in three centres. Time of lying was measured in 24 hours divided into four periods: night (24:00–6:00), morning (6:00–12:00), afternoon (12:00–18:00) and evening (18:00–24:00). One ANOVA GLM analysis concerned the horse sex (males; females) and another the system of management (tie stalls; open area in a stable; paddocks; pastures). Females lay down twice as long as males. Females lay down at night for 90% of the total time of lying (116.6 ±50.6 min), whereas males lay down almost exclusively at night (62.3 ±24.3 min). Lying time of mares kept in tie stalls was shorter than in the open area in the stable or outdoors. In the afternoon and evening, housed mares lay longer than outdoor mares. To preserve welfare conditions, the husbandry system should regard horses’ demands for lying. Since the lying position occurs in long periods mainly at night, and comes in bouts, horses should not be disturbed at this time. Mares should have possibility for longer lying than stallions and geldings.

Keywords: horse, male, female, lying position, conditions of keeping


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Accepted: 10 Apr 2016

Published online: 9 May 2017

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Stachurska, A., Kowalska, N., Kolstrung, R., Pluta, M., (2016). Time of lying in the horse with regard to its sex and system of management. Acta Sci. Pol. Zootechnica, 15(2), 77–86. DOI: 10.21005/asp.2016.15.2.07.