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Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Zootechnica is an Open Access journal for animal scientists, breeders, producers, and farm managers. It is aimed to provide information on various areas of animal production in Poland, Europe, and Worldwide. Peer-reviewed papers are usually original scientific reports based on high quality research, often carried out using cutting-edge laboratory equipment and methods.

The articles published online are licensed according to the CC-BY-NC 3.0 PL license, with an open access from the Publishers' website, being available on the moment of publication.

The Journal cares about the ethical aspects of animal research, and therefore Authors are required to declare that animals used in the studies have been treated according to commonly acceptable rules and that a proper permission had been issued by a relevant Ethics Committee prior to the commencement of the experiment.

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 Volume 18(2), 2019

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 Volume 18(1), 2019

 Volume 17(4), 2018

 Volume 17(3), 2018

 Volume 17(2), 2018

Trending articles

  1. Effect of selected factors on the body condition of dairy cows managed in the free-stall and tie-stall housing systems, Piotr Sablik, Ewa Januś, Małgorzata Szewczuk, Stakh Vovk, Nicola Padzik
  2. Goose eggs hatching technique improvement with the use of pre-incubation, Joanna Kucharska-Gaca, Marek Adamski, Joanna Kuźniacka, Emilia Kowalska
  3. Polyunsaturated fatty acids in idiopathic epilepsy treatment in dogs, Michalina Wąsik, Małgorzata Mikuła, Bartłomiej Jan Bartyzel, Natalia Strokowska, Piotr Sablik, Yavuz O. Uca, Piotr Koczoń
  4. Classification of calving difficulty scores using different types of decision trees, Daniel Zaborski, Witold S. Proskura, Wilhelm Grzesiak
  5. Genetic and phenotypic characteristics of Polish Konik horses maintained in the reserve and stable system in Central-Eastern Poland, Michał Pluta, Zbigniew Osiński, Angelika Cieśla, Ryszard Kolstrung


Acta Sci. Pol. Zootechnica

ISSN 1644-0714; e-ISSN 2300-6145

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DOI: 10.21005/asp

License: CC-BY-NC 3.0 PL

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